The Moment's Finally Here...MY PODCAST!!!




No, not the first three words out of my mouth usually, and I appreciate that hasn't been, like, dude, used since Clueless. But I'm excited, and it's all because my Thank Book For Podcast and readings are finally up and posted!

I'm not going to ramble on here, because the work is there to be heard, but if you want a super fun yankee doodle happy mister fun time, click on the first link to get taken to the Thank Book For podcast starring yours truly:

Chris Stanley's Thank Book For Podcast


You lucky people also get something for nothing, or as I like to say, Deep New Something. And it's doubleplusgood, folks, because not only do you get to hear an exclusive extract from my forthcoming book The Sad Club (with accompanying notes):

"This is a teaser chapter from my current project, a novel called The Sad Club. It's the story of four men who plot their revenge against their old school bully. In this reading, from early in the novel, we introduce Sam, a simple, naive boy who is finding the transition to big school difficult, and show you what he can expect from the soon-to-be notorious Paul Tiler. A number of incidents from my own schooling inform this project."

You also get a brand NEW, never been heard before short story from my collection 'Silver and Gold', called 'The North Korea Supporter's Club':

"Love can make us do funny things, but desperation's almost as potent. I know from my own experiences of dating that we often read things into people which we only see ourselves. The North Korea Supporter's Club is the story of Kim, a man aching for love but with zero confidence. A one-way spark of attraction turns to something more sinister as Kim lapses into fantasy about the intimacy he craves. This is part of a collection called 'Silver and Gold'."

That's free. For nothing. Gratis. Zero squared.

Gee, baby, ain't I good to you?

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