"He Says..."

He Says... 

 By Chris Stanley 

Put your black mark in the box he says
We'll give you whatever you need
It's the only way to be sure he says
Of protecting the rights of our creed

I'm a very reasonable man he says
As he shows off his suit cut so fine
All I want is what's best he says
So I can banish these terrible crimes

I knew we could do it together he says
I'm glad you believed every word
Now let's get us back to the top he says
As he marks those he doesn't prefer

We're taking a few extra coins he says
To cover the blots of the past
You'll get it back soon as we can he says
While they wonder how long it'll last

It's clear that the problem's not us he says
As he speaks with a reasonable voice
I know we're a generous people he says
So I think we should all get a choice

It's not good to see such disturbance he says
When I've done all I can to be fair
The people like us are all welcome he says
I can see by your tongue you don't care

These flags are a beautiful sight he says
It's good we're united as one
Because we don't want to be harmed he says
Please welcome our clubs and our guns

I've distressing news to report he says
Our terrible foes are still here
I'll close down their presses and websites he says
I can't have you living in fear

I'll work extra hours like you do he says
I'll work every hour God will send
But because I'm so busy in here he says
I need you to all watch your friends

He was never a true believer he says
His heart pulsed with anger and hate
Because I can't trust you with anything he says
I've reluctantly said I'll dictate

Nobody's gone from the streets he says
They freely decided to leave
The stories you hear are just gossip he says
As he turns down their final reprieve

You're all out to get me like monsters he says
As he bargains what little we've got
Our glorious land is the standard he says
While the next poorest people are shot

We don't censor a thing in our country he says
It's just that we're doing so well
You may think it's crowded at home he says
There's room for one more down in Hell

We're going to give you a vote he says
As he shows you the love in his eyes
You can see in my face that I'm honest he says
As he stands with his body of lies


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